With unmatched superior quality, our yarns are the perfect blend of natural & synthetic fibre.  Our offering of yarns can be further segmented into four specific categories. These are:

a) Carded recycled acrylic weft yarn – in counts ranging from 1nm to 3nm. The Acrylic Yarn is produced by recycling Acrylic wastes with blending other fibers to achieve the finest quality and strength in many different Shades

b) Carded recycled wool and wool blended weft yarn – in counts ranging from 1 nm to 3 nm.

c) Pulled fibres in acrylic (made by recycling used acrylic sweaters), sorted shades in solids and heathers. The Acrylic Yarn is produced by recycling acrylic wastes with blending other fibers to achieve the finest quality and strength in many different shades.

d) Pulled cotton fibres (made by recycling used cotton sweaters) in solid shades and various cotton percentages.

e) Shoddy Yarn – Blended with natural or synthetic fiber of high grade

Recyled Cashmere

Cashmere gives off an air of elegance, hence the products made from this material are some of the most sought-after products on the market.

As a part of our commitment to sustainable fashionpractices at Jindal, we have an exclusive list of products made from this luxury fibre. Our recycled cashmere offers the same soft, plush, warm, and insulating qualities as virgin cashmere but with a much lower environmental impact. With recycled cashmere, we are redefining waste and making the mundane beautiful.

Recyled Wool

Reusing recycled textile waste, through a careful selection process, we take unwanted and discarded garments and transform them into wonderfully recycled wool. At Jindal, we give new life to textiles that would otherwise be wasted. With sustainability as our core value, we place the utmost importance on practising sustainability every day and encouraging the community to do the same. At Jindal Yarns, 80,000 tonnes of sweaters were saved through recycling and found new homes. We repurposed old sweaters into yarn and fibre and saved 1.8 billion litres of water. We believe that in order to leave a healthy planet for future generations, we must be more sustainable in all that we do.

Non Woven Blankets

! Our superior quality, remarkably soft, and highly durable non-woven blankets are designed for long-term comfort, and they are always in demand! Made from various high-grade raw materials such as non-woven shoddy, cotton, polyester, virgin, or recycled polyester fibres with the help of ultra-modern technologies, these fine blankets serve many purposes. These soft yet durable blankets are lightweight, breathable, thermally insulating, and show incredibleresilience. From providing a good night’s sleep to protecting and covering your furniture to keep them safe from dust and fire, our non-wovenrecycled polyester blankets do it all.