Yarn Production

Jindal Yarns started its journey with Yarn Production.

Today, we not only produce yarn for our in-house products but also export it to many continents for it to take shape into beautiful products. The yarn produced by us is of top quality (GRS certified), colour and also offers more durability. We also work as recycled yarn manufacturers to recycle your waste yarn into a very good quality fabric at a very reasonable price.

Woollen Recycling

Woollen Recycling is what Jindal Yarns excels in !

Recycling is a large part of our day-to-day operations at our manufacturing unit. Recycling enables us to make the most of the old products procured from different vendors and turn them into new products. Owing to our fine and reliable process and high-quality material promise (GRS certified), our Recycled Woollen is also exported to many countries.

Non-Woven Blankets

Jindal Yarns always delivers the most durable non-woven blankets.

They are known for their superior quality and durability across many countries! Crafted by state-of-the-art machinery, these blankets define quality and warmth.

100 % Recycled Cashmere

Best in quality

Jindal Woollen is one of the leading exporters of 100% Recycled Cashmere. The procured raw materials go through a rigorous process of sorting to ensure the purity of cashmere. Only the finest quality cashmere makes the cut and is further exported. Our products adhere to International Standards of quality (GRS certified). We at Jindal Woollen ensure that our clients receive 100% recycled cashmere which is ready to be used in versatile and sustainable ways.