Our Company Profile

Recycled Yarn and Wool Exporters

A leading textile solutions provider, Jindal Yarns Private Limited produces a range of yarn, wool and textile products that extends from yarns and wool to non-woven blankets. Since its inception, the company has dedicated itself to making superior spun yarns that have set industry benchmarks for innovation. It processes one of the largest product portfolios of spun-dyed and cotton blended and cotton mélange & dyed yarns.

Over the years, we have widened our manufacturing range across each product category to match evolving design and consumer requirements, emerging as a one-stop textile solutions provider.We have expanded our spindle capacities, commissioned captive power plants and installed modern technology which has led to enhanced economies, efficiency and quality. Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art spinning mill in Panipat (Haryana).

Leveraging our understanding of the textile industry we entered the yarn and textiles segment in 2000, which continues to grow at high double digit rates on the strength of planned investments and capacity additions.

Our product strategy involves engaging with downstream clients in early stages of product development lifecycle, thereby strengthening business outcomes. We enjoy enduring relationships with an extensive network of agents and dealers across India as well as the international markets. We have a strong global clientele with presence across major developed and emerging economies in over 62 countries, as we cultivate a strong reputation among yarn, wool and non-woven blanket manufacturers in key markets like Turkey, Bangladesh, USA, Poland, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Africa, South Africa and Morocco.

Our Vision

We have set our sights on becoming a global textile front runner, providing wide spectrum solutions to textile industry, from speciality yarns to non-woven blankets; thereby maximising value for our client and in turn becoming their preferred partner.

Our Mission

Key Strengths


Innovation at Jindal Yarns is driven by the needs of the customers who increasingly demand differentiated products to respond to new trends and end-user preferences.


From yarns and wool to shoudy blankets and finished goods, we have established our presence across the textile value chain.


We have in-house manufacturing facility for dyeing, carding, spinning and weaving with 6 carding & spinning lines capable of spinning yarn up to 5-7 tonnes per day.

Promise of Quality

Jindal Yarns houses best machinery and equipment from World class suppliers, operated by talented people with experience and skills.

Economies of Scale

In the textile industry, size matters. With a capacity advantage, we leverage aspects like sourcing of top quality raw materials to offering the widest range of products to customers.

Global Prescence

One of India’s largest exporters of synthetic and blended yarns, we enjoy a presence across 62 nations worldwide.